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Our company is so much more than a family history... It's a family.

George Vanderplancke

Maniet ! Luxus

Chaussures Maniet is a family-run business that has specialised in shoe retail for 32 years and now has approximately 40 stores located mainly in Wallonia.
It covers two separate brands each with their own concepts, values and specific features providing better visibility and a wide variety of choice for clients.

At Chaussures Maniet, we often use the term “company values”.

All our values are linked to each other and only make sense if they help each other. It’s a bit like a bike chain whose links depend on each other to make progress and go forward. But if one of them isn’t strong enough and breaks, the entire chain is useless and puts an immediate stop to any progress.

Respect, team spirit, passion and customer focus are some of the drivers behind the company’s success and professional development.

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