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Famaco, the go-to figure in the care product sector !

The French family-run business Famaco is a team of technicians providing leather-specific formulations (vegetable, metallic, oil tan etc.) based on a site equipped with modern production lines to handle manufacturing and maintain the high standard of our waxes and creams.

A few tips to keep your shoes in top condition ?

1 • Don’t wear the same shoes every day

2 • Put shoe inserts or trees inside the shoes to keep the original shape 

3 • Water-proof your shoes before wearing them

4 •Don’t dry your shoes near a heat source

5 • Dust your shoes with a brush or soft cloth before polishing

6 • Wax your shoes regularly: apply a small amount of wax, leave to dry then buff using a soft cloth

7 • For suede or nubuck shoes, clean the shoe with suede shampoo to remove stains and use a suede restorer spray to restore it to its original colour. You can also use a suede rubber to remove deep stains

8 • For exotic leathers, use products appropriate to the type of leather (reptile leather care, oiled nubuck, patent leather, braided leather, metallic leather, dipped lambskin, vintage-style leather)

9 • Use a stretcher for shoes that are a little tight

10 • Weekly shoe care is recommended (cleaning and application of a care product)

11 • Soles are recommended for improved comfort and foot hygiene

What are my new shoes made of ?

You’ve just bought a pair of shoes? They’re nice aren’t they? Do they still smell new? What are they made of? Leather? Suede? Canvas? No…You don’t know? Take a look at the logo inside your shoes and identify the appropriate logo or head to the product page for your pair of shoes!

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Quel produit d'entretien choisir ?