Slippers for girls

Slippers keep children's feet warm and safe, whether they're crawling, walking or running. Slippers are indoor shoes that generally provide great comfort for children's feet. 

Discover our selection of girls' slippers available in our Chaussures Maniet ! Luxus stores, but also in our online shop. We offer girls' slippers from size 17 to size 40, enough to fit the smallest girls as well as the biggest. Our range of slippers is very varied, so there's something for everyone: pink slippers or slippers in more sober colours, classic slippers or slippers with designs and patterns, open slippers or closed slippers, there's something for everyone! For babies, you might also be interested in our baby slippers category. 

Find all the girls' slippers available in our shops and on our online shop and choose from brands such as: Bellamy, Constant Bossi, Isotoner, Hush Puppies, Vul-Ladi and many others.