Our social responsibility

Environment, social challenges, ethical shopping... every company has a genuine responsibility to society and a role to play. At Chaussures Maniet! Luxus, we are proud to devote time, energy and resources to reducing our impact on the planet, while ensuring the wellbeing of our customers and staff.

Our guiding principles: the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN in 2015.

These 17 goals, a call to action for all businesses, inform our day-to-day operations and future plans.


Our achievements

A step towards nature

After undergoing a carbon survey to calculate annual CO² emissions for the entire business, we decided to offset our emissions for business activities whose environmental impact would be very difficult to limit directly, by launching the “A step towards nature” scheme.


Planting one tree is a guarantee that the carbon footprint of your shoes will be completely offset!


When you purchase a pair of shoes in one of our Maniet! Luxus stores or online, simply choose how many trees you want to plant! Each tree costs €0.30, all of which goes to NGO Graine de Vie.

A strong, transparent and eco-friendly gesture!

Our hives

5 hives and tens of thousands of bees help stabilise the ecosystem. Constructed on our property, by our teams, and managed internally, they help preserve local biodiversity and delight our staff by producing tens of kilos of honey each year!

Wellbeing at work

At Maniet!Luxus, the wellbeing of our staff comes first and we do everything we can to make them feel at home.

From a zen room, to flexible working, ongoing training, sports activities, a company vegetable garden and team building events and more... We invest in each and every individual and we are always there to lend an ear.


Small steps every day

30 shops, 300 employees and millions of visitors every year... small everyday steps soon add up. Every little counts: waste sorting and recycling, installation of solar panels on our logistics centre and some stores, use of LED lightbulbs, rainwater butts, lights that turn off automatically, reduction of plastic cups, a goal to go paperless, composting, raising awareness of energy-efficient driving and car sharing…

Eco-scores for shoes

Become a conscious consumer! Inspired by “nutriscore” labels in the food sector, we have launched our own eco-score for shoes! Our aim: to offer consumers total transparency on the environmental impact of a pair of shoes and provide a new way of comparing products. After brand, price, and material, comes eco-score!

We have also developed an Eco-Corner at our Maniet store in Stockel; a 100% eco-friendly space stocking our selection of the best environmentally conscious footwear!

Our collaborations

Our projects

In-house shoe repair service

We already offer a shoe repair service to our customers, as pairs can be repaired, instead of being thrown away, by handing them over to local external partner shoemakers. A good way to increase the life of a product and reduce our waste!

In the future we want to go one step further and integrate an internal shoe repair service into our network, in order to centralise the service, be faster and cover our entire network. 


Second-hand market

To make shoes more durable over time and reduce their carbon footprint, the second-hand market seems to us to be an area to be studied closely: reusing a product increases its lifespan by fighting against overproduction and overconsumption.  We still need to find the right logistics and think about the best service to offer our customers, without forgetting that each foot is unique and that the purchase of a second-hand pair will depend on its level of wear (an essential criterion, particularly for children). 


Shoe recycling

To complete the circle, we must finally look at the life cycle and recycling of a pair of shoes. Recycling a shoe is a real challenge, as it is made up of 40 different materials on average! We are convinced that one day we will be able to offer the best solution to recycle your favourite old pair of shoes from A to Z!