How do I reserve a pair of shoes?

Reserving a pair of shoes on the or web site is very simple! Browse the site, explore our collection and click "Reserve in store" instead of "add to basket".


You must indicate at which store you would like to make your reservation and then complete your personal details. You will then be notified by email of the progress of your reservation together with any waiting times.

When you go to pick up your pair of shoes in store you must go to the cashier and give your name to try on the pair of shoes that you have reserved. If you like the shoes, you can pay at the checkout. Otherwise, you can go to the tills and the sales assistant will cancel your reservation.

How long will my pair of shoes be reserved for in store?

Your pair of shoes are set aside in store in your name. If you do not come to collect them within 7 days, the pair will be put back on the shelf and your reservation will be cancelled.

Can I reserve a pair of shoes before sales?

Please note, reservations are not possible during sales. This service will not therefore be active during July and January.

What price will be applied for an in-store reservation?

When you reserve a pair of shoes, it is the price on the delivery date that is applied and not that on the day you go to collect the pair of shoes in store. This applies for any promotional campaign (VIP evening, late night event, sell-offs ...)