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Chaussures Maniet and Luxus (hereinafter, “CHAUSSURES MANIET” or “We”) attach great importance to transparency and protection of your personal data, we make every effort to protect the confidentiality of the personal data collected (hereinafter, the "Data") and to comply with both the national legislation on the collection and processing of Data and the European Regulation No. 2016/679 known as the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: "GDPR"). MANIET therefore makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of the personal data collected and to comply with the legislation on the collection and processing of personal data. This present policy (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy") details CHAUSSURES MANIET's practices in the context of the collection of personal information resulting from a purchase or a visit in store or subsequently to the visit, registration, order, request for information or services from the web (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) or in the context of any other communication, whether for the purpose of performing the contract concluded with CHAUSSURES MANIET (the person whose data is collected shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Client”) or when accessing and/or registering any person on the Site (the person whose data is collected shall hereinafter be referred to as the “User”).

At the time of your access and/or registration and/or use of the services offered by CHAUSSURES MANIET, you expressly authorize CHAUSSURES MANIET to process personal data in accordance with the Belgian and European legislation on the protection of privacy and within the limits defined by this Privacy Policy.

This present Privacy Policy also applies to data collected by surveillance cameras presents in the stores. 

Data collected:

The data processed by CHAUSSURES MANIET are the following:

-    The information collected automatically each time a User accesses to the Site;

-    The name, first name, date of birth, address (street, number, town, postcode and city), delivery address, telephone number, "username" and password that are collected when a Client’s account is created and used by a User or a Client creates and uses a Client account on the Site or collected when they visit a store;

-    The name, first name, address and date of birth of the Client, which are read and recorded on the basis of the Client's consent by means of an electronic identity card reader;

-    Data related to your purchases and your orders;

-    The information that may be exchanged between CHAUSSURES MANIET and you, in particular by e-mail, in the context of providing services;

-    Eventually, telephone conversations between the Clients or Users and CHAUSSURES MANIET staff recorded for training, quality control and evidences of commercial transactions reasons;

-    The images recorded by the surveillance cameras.

We ensure to limit the data collected to the one which are directly necessary for the provision of our services.

For surveillance cameras, the recorded images are only viewed in the event of an incident.  Surveillance camera images are automatically deleted after 10 days.


CHAUSSURES MANIET uses different types of cookies (necessary cookies, preference cookies, statistical cookies and marketing cookies). Details of the cookies used on the Site are available at the following link [...] . You have the opportunity to personalize your cookie preferences at any time by refusing or accepting the use of each cookie used on the Site by using the cookies management tool CookieBot : [...] .

Legal basis for data collection

CHAUSSURES MANIET collects your data in order to ensure the performance of a contract, in the context of the sale or provision of a service.

CHAUSSURES MANIET also intends to use your data on the basis of its legitimate interest in keeping you informed of special promotions or events (newsletters, promotional actions, etc.). You may at any time refuse to be contacted by CHAUSSURES MANIET by return e-mail or by clicking on the hypertext link at the bottom of these communications.

CHAUSSURES MANIET also collects your data (images from video surveillance cameras) on the basis of its legitimate interest in monitoring its stores. Finally, CHAUSSURES MANIET may collect and process data on the basis of your consent in case it concerns sending you promotional messages and that you are not yet part of its existing customer base. In this context, you may at any time request to no longer receive these promotional messages.

Purposes of the collection

Data are collected and processed by CHAUSSURES MANIET for the following purposes:

•    The supply of products and services offered by CHAUSSURES MANIET, including internet services as well as the issuance and the possible collection of invoices;

•    Informing the Client and the User about the products and services offered by CHAUSSURES MANIET;

•    Advertising and marketing, including the sending of paper or electronic newsletters; For example, CHAUSSURES MANIET collects your date of birth in order to offer you a commercial benefit on your birthday;

•    The offer of participation in competitions;

•    Achieving satisfaction surveys and market researches;

•    The optimization of your researches while you are on our Site. The Data collected allows us, for example, to offer you suggestions of articles or brands that might interest you. 

Transfer of data outside our company

CHAUSSURES MANIET will not disclose your data or transfer them to third parties unless:

•    This is necessary for the provision of services including the performance of a contract;

•    You agreed to such transfer; 

•    If this transfer is required by a competent judicial or administrative authority. 

Some third-party companies may occasionally handle some of the data when providing technical services necessary for the supply of services or intended to ensure the proper functioning and updating of the Site, the mobile application or, more generally, CHAUSSURES MANIET's information tools. Such manipulations are always performed in the name and on behalf of CHAUSSURES MANIET on the basis of contracts ensuring the security of your data.

To this end, CHAUSSURES MANIET uses the services of the MICROSOFT AZURE platform (the “Subcontractor”) who acts as a subcontractor of the Data collected by CHAUSSURES MANIET under the instructions of CHAUSSURES MANIET. In this context, Data that pass outside the European Economic Area shall be processed in compliance with the GDPR on the basis of the standard contractual clauses and additional measures taken by the Subcontractor to comply with the GDPR.

When the User gives his consent to the use of statistical cookies via the CookieBot tool, CHAUSSURES MANIET uses the Google Analytics tool for statistical purposes. The User may, at any time, refuse this processing by deactivating the statistical cookies via the CookieBot tool.

Your rights: Access to the information collected, rectification, removal. 

You may at any time and without charge request access to and/or a copy of the personal information we store in our databases. In this context We may ask you for an identification evidence before granting your request.  You also have the right to ask for your Data to be corrected or deleted from our files if this does not make it impossible for CHAUSSURES MANIET to perform the services provided. You may in any event and at any time refuse the processing of your personal data by CHAUSSURES MANIET or request that this processing be limited. A minor’s parent may also at any time request the removal of data relating to his child at any time. When your Data is processed within the framework of a contract, you may also request that it be transmitted to you in a readable format or that it be transmitted directly to one of your other suppliers.

Personal data is deleted from our files, at the latest, at the end of a period of 3 years from the date of your last purchase at CHAUSSURES MANIET.

Securing information and the network

CHAUSSURES MANIET and the Subcontractor shall do everything possible to optimally protect its network against unauthorized access and to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information of its Clients and Users.

Security also depends on you :

•    Use your password with caution. Never share it with others. In addition, change it regularly.

•    Do not leave your PC unattended when you are connected to an application.

Respect of the Data collected concerning minors

We undertake to protect the privacy of minors.  We do not collect data concerning minors, except for direct marketing purposes - and provided we have the consent of at least one parent - and with the exception of images taken by surveillance cameras.  

At the request of a parent of a minor, we undertake to delete the data related to the minor concerned, without the parent having to provide any justification. Please contact us immediately if you believe that the data of a minor have been collected without parental consent.

Client's liability

You are solely liable for your Client account and the consequences of its use, as well as for any information of any kind that you communicate to CHAUSSURES MANIET. CHAUSSURES MANIET declines all liability in the event of damage caused by the communication by the Client or the User of erroneous, incomplete or fraudulent information.

Keep informed about changes


CHAUSSURES MANIET may modify this Privacy Policy, in particular in the event of legislative changes. We invite you to regularly consult this data collection policy on In addition, We will inform you of any content changes via our Site and other frequent communication channels.

Contact us

If you wish to exercise any of the rights listed above, report a problem with our applications, require specific assistance or if you wish to send a comment, please contact us by the means listed below :

•    Via the contact platform of the Site: Maniet ! Luxus shoes (

•    By post to: Avenue Thomas Edison, 111, 1402, Thines, Belgique.

•    By telephone: 010/489.150

Please contact us if you feel that we are not processing your data with the caution you expect.  You can also contact the Data Protection and Control Authority directly and file a complaint:

•    Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels

•    +32 (0)2 274 48 00