Size guide


It is not always easy to know your shoe size or your child's shoe size.

Maniet! Luxus provides you with a printable pedimeter. This will make it easier for you to find the ideal size and the most suitable shoe.

Download it here

3 steps to use the pedimeter :

1/ Print the document in A4 format (100%) 

2/ Stand with your feet together and flat (ideally against a wall). Place the heel along the dotted lines. 

3/ Place a ruler in front of the tip of your big toe and read.

 We often talk about a finger of ease when putting on a child's shoes, which ensures a good fit but also provides enough room for the foot to grow and develop.

There are two ways to check:

1/ The chosen model has a removable sole; remove it. 

Standing upright with your feet flat, place your child's foot on the shoe with the heel rounded to the edge.

Apply gentle pressure on the toes to ensure that the foot is fully "flat". 

The remaining space at the front of the sole should be the width of the finger (about 1.5cm).

2/ If the model does not have a removable sole, open the shoe as much as possible, slip the child's foot in and move it forward in the shoe. 

Apply slight pressure to the front of the shoe to ensure that the toes are well positioned and flat. 

The space left at the back of the heel should be the width of the finger (about 1.5cm).

 You may be between sizes...

If you prefer a tighter fit, go down one size. For a loose fit, go up one size.

 When you receive your order, you notice that it is not the right size... 

Don't worry, you can exchange it directly at your favourite point of sale or via a Bpost return and the costs are free for Belgium and Luxembourg.

For more information on returns: click here

Tips from shop advisors, Children's department:

"It is important for comfort, support and the proper development of the foot to prefer a good "rigid" heel counter. Don't hesitate to alternate shoes (soft and rigid) to avoid the foot sinking... "

Julie - Luxus de Ciney

"A problem checking the size of the shoe at home? Do not hesitate to remove the removable sole of the shoe and put your foot on it. This will give you a good indication of the size chosen.

Your little one is taking his first steps but his foot is not yet perfectly flat? Nothing is better than a shoe with a soft sole. This will prevent him from pushing on his toes, while being supported by the shoe and giving the foot time to form and build up its muscles."

Mario - Maniet de Stockel

"If you choose a model with a pull tab, it is important to take the following tips into account:

- On the majority of models with a pull tab, there is a small piece either with velcro or with a snap at the top of the shaft. Make sure that you put the pull tab up to the top and then close this small tab. This ensures that the zip is locked in place and does not slip down.

- If the model you have chosen is a lace-up model with a side pull tab, you must undo the lace each time. If you pull the lace too hard, without ever undoing it, you force the zip and it can break. This is not a fault of the shoe but of its use."

Géraldine - Luxus de Perwez

Conversion table for Ladies:

Size-CMSize EUSize UKSize USA
22,4 cm352,54
22,7 cm35,534,5
23 cm363,55
23,4 cm36,545,5
23,7 cm3745,5
24 cm37,54,56
24,4 cm3856,5
24,7 cm38,55,57
25 cm395,57,5
25,4 cm39,567,5
25,7 cm406,58
26 cm40,578,5
26,4 cm417,59
26,7 cm41,57,59,5
27 cm4289,5
27,4 cm42,58,510
27,7 cm43910,5

Conversion table for Mens:

Size CM Size EUSize UKSize USA
25 cm395,56
25,4 cm39,566,5
25,7 cm406,57
26 cm40,577,5
26,4 cm417,58
26,7 cm41,57,58
27 cm4288,5
27,4 cm42,58,59
27,7 cm4399,5
28 cm43,59,59,5
28,4 cm449,510
28,7 cm44,51010,5
29 cm4510,511
29,4 cm45,51111,5
29,7 cm461111,5
30 cm46,511,512
30,4 cm471212,5
30,7 cm47,512,513
31 cm481313,5
31,4 cm48,513,514
31,7 cm491414,5
32 cm49,514,515
32,4 cm501515,5

Conversion table for Children's shoes:

 Size CM Size EUSize UKSize USA
9,7 cm160,51
10,4 cm171,52
11 cm1822,5
11,7 cm1933,5
12,4 cm203,54,5
13 cm214,55
13,7 cm225,56
14,4 cm2366,5
15 cm2477,5
15,7 cm257,58
16,4 cm268,59,5
17 cm27910,5
17,7 cm281011
18,4 cm291112
19 cm3011,512,5
19,7 cm3112,513
20,4 cm32131,5
21 cm3312
21,7 cm3423
22,4 cm352,53,5
23 cm363,54,5
23,7 cm3745
24,4 cm3856
25 cm3967
25,7 cm406,58

Conversion table for Children's clothing:

Size CM Size EUSize UKSize USA