Eco-score for footwear

Welcome to the area of our site devoted to eco-friendly products!

We aim to be completely transparent about the products and brands we stock, so we have developed an eco-score system to help you understand the overall environmental impact of each pair of shoes! 


An eco-score for shoes?

That’s right! Eco-score is the retail equivalent of Nutri-score nutritional labels on food.

We have created our own eco-score system from scratch. Or almost from scratch, as we have taken inspiration from the European ecolabel, which we have supplemented with essential information we believe it lacked, working with a company that specialises in carbon and environmental strategy

A complete calculation method 

To analyse the lifecycle of a product and assess the overall environmental impact of each pair of shoes, Chaussures Maniet has finetuned its clear and objective calculation method. 


Shoes are initially assessed from every angle on the basis of 6 categories:

  • Raw materials (materials used for the sole, upper and lining)
  • Packaging (composition of the box, use of plastic or paper padding, etc.)
  • Transport (Distance from raw material to assembly location, transport method and distance between place of manufacture and the Chaussures Maniet warehouse)
  • Processing (processing of the leather and components used, whether or not the livestock were raised purely for leather, dyes used, etc.)
  • Circular economy (Repairability and recyclability of the shoe)
  • Social (Forced labour and respect for International Labour Organization conditions, minimum age and salary of workers, equal pay for men and women, etc.)

Weighted scores for fairness 

Products will be awarded a score for each of the 6 categories. However, for improved transparency and fairness, the categories must be weighted according to their significance. From our experience and research in the field, we know that 60 to 80% of a shoe’s CO² emissions come from the materials used. This category must therefore be given more weight in the final calculation. 

The eco-score 

“The combination of categories, criteria and scores and the weighting of all of these elements allows us to offer our customers an eco-score for every product assessed”, concludes Allison Vanderplancke, CEO of Chaussures Maniet! Luxus.

“The eco-score therefore fulfils its main objective, to provide customers with the information they need to compare products based on their overall environmental impact, and it offers consumers greater choice: As well as price, brand, style, colour, material... there’s the eco-score! ”