Affenzahn bags

sac à dos affenzahn

Affenzahn has been offering children's backpacks since 2013. Affenzahn backpacks are specially developed to make children's world more colourful and easier. When you buy an Affenzahn bag for your child, you can count on the product's ergonomics, practicality and durability. Affenzahn children's backpacks feature a variety of animals. These backpacks also have a playful side. Depending on the model, your child will be able to pull out the tongue of the animal represented on the backpack, or to scratch the paws or to discover the treasure pockets. 

Affenzahn bags are available in several sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your child's needs. Affenzahn bags can be used as a schoolbag for toddlers, as a backpack for walks or even as a gym bag for certain models. 

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