Calvin Klein Jeans shoes


Once upon a time, in 1968, the child of the Bronx and his friend and businessman Barry K. Schwartz decided to found the company Calvin Klein.

With sensual advertising campaigns that were often very daring, even deliberately provocative… The brand was propelled to the top of American ready-to-wear.

Its DNA : white, jeans, minimalism and sensuality, all punctuated with simplicity and elegance, for a modern and luxurious wardrobe. 

Calvin Klein Jeans is synonymous with enthusiasm, bright ideas and innovative design, which is why the brand is rapidly diversifying and developing licenses such as scarves, shoes and other accessories.

Calvin Klein Jeans shoes stand out for their original, elegant, chic, yet casual design and sporty style. They are made of quality materials, are comfortable and will last a long time.

Be good, be bad, just be Calvin Klein Jeans !