Converse shoes

Founded in 1908 in the United States, Converse is a brand that is known to all today thanks to its iconic model, the Chuck Taylor All Star trainer. Originally created for basketball players, these trainers gained in popularity from the 1950s onwards when they were worn by celebrities. Today, millions of pairs of Converse shoes are sold around the world every year. 

Converse shoes are timeless, and there are high Converse shoes and low Converse shoes to suit everyone. Traditional Converse shoes are made of canvas, but leather Converse shoes are also available.

In our Chaussures Maniet! Luxus stores, you'll find Converse trainers for all the family: Converse for women, men and children. Don't hesitate to come and try on the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star and other models so that you can leave with the pair of Converse shoes that suits you best.