Eastpak bags


Eastpak is a brand specialising in bags and panniers, particularly made from fabrics. Founded in 1952, the brand became successful thanks to its flagship bag, the design of which was inspired by the fabrics used by fishermen and the military, characterised by their reliability and durability.

Eastpak backpacks are a big hit with teenagers and students looking for a simple but trendy bag. Eastpak products are renowned for their durability, so they'll last you for years to come. There are lots of different Eastpak bags to choose from: black, colourful, patterned, with or without a front pocket, with or without a compartment, and so on.

Whether it's a simple black backpack, adorned with Metallica, AC/DC or Iron Maiden patches, tagged with a marker or patched, with holes from skateboard falls... Its history is written as much on the shoulders of students and fashion fans as it is in urban circles.

Eastpak also offers fanny packs so you can carry all your essentials, as well as wallets, pencil cases and travel bags.