Eastpak is a brand that specialises in bags and panniers, particularly made of fabric. 

Founded in 1952, the brand became successful thanks to its flagship bag whose design was inspired by the fabrics used by fishermen and the military, characterised by their reliability and durability.

Eastpak's reputation, know-how and millions of products made for the American GIs, attracted the sympathy of trendy students who wanted to adopt a military look. 

In Back to the Future, the "padded returnity" model is chosen to accompany Marty McFly, a real consecration for the brand.

Whether it's a simple black backpack, decorated with Metallica, AC/DC or Iron Maiden patches, tagged with a marker or patched, with holes from skateboarding falls... Its history is written as much on the shoulders of high school students, fashion lovers as in the urban spheres.

Eastpak, designed to last, designed for life !