Giulia shoes

This concept from Belgian shoe-maker Giulia has everything! A unique pump: choose your colour from 40 variations! With Giulia, you can choose shoes that match your outfit, or contrast with a basic outfit. Giulia shoes have clean lines, are extremely comfortable to wear, are made from high-quality materials and are crafted in Europe. 

In short, Giulia has created a pair of 8 cm pumps that are both glamorous and comfortable. Giulia shoes are designed for dynamic women who want to remain feminine yet elegant. So, what colour will your Giulia pumps be? 

The brand also offers other shoe styles: boots, moccasins and ballet flats. Want to match your bag to your outfit? Giulia bags are also available! 

In this selection, you'll find all the Giulia shoes available in our Chaussures Maniet! Luxus stores and our online shop.