Le Temps des Cerises shoes and clothing


It all started in 1998 in Marseille, in the small family thrift shop of Gil Richardière and his son Lylian, until they had the idea of creating vintage-inspired jeans. 

Indeed, both have a passion for denim and Le Temps des Cerises will soon be born. 

In addition to jeans, the brand also produces popular and affordable bags, shoes and trainers. 

The Le Temps des Cerises shoes are for women with an urban and retro style, made of canvas upper, they are very light and the lining is textile. 

They are then protected by a round rubber cover, complete with a six metal eyelet lace. 

The Le Temps des Cerises women's trainers come in a variety of bright and cheerful colours, including white, beige, black, khaki and pink. 

They can be used for walks, short jogs, shopping and still be trendy.

Maniet shoes ! Luxus puts Le Temps des Cerises at your disposal !