Michael Kors shoes

The story of Michael Kors is the story of a young New York designer steeped in the world of luxury and ready-to-wear. He founded his company in 1981 to bring luxury to people around the world. 

Michael Kors was an innovative designer who was an instant success !

Wedge trainers, high-heeled sandals, shiny pumps, multi-straps, stilettos and lace-ups allow women to combine quality, feminine fashion and sportswear, making the androgynous look of the trainers disappear. 

The brand is remarkable for its ability to bring together concepts that seem irreconcilable. Urban and glamorous, jet-setting and comfortable, its pieces can be worn by the 20-year-old fashionista as well as the elegant 50-year-old woman.

Michael Kors, modern glamour with a touch of casualness !