Petrol Industries children's clothing


Over the past 30 years, Petrol Industries has created an authentic identity inspired by the world of American industry. It creates original, comfortable ready-to-wear collections with vintage details.

Its resolutely urban lines blend the casual elegance of the modern dandy with streetwear influences. They compete creatively, creating designs that appeal to boys and their parents alike. Casual clothing is a popular style at Petrol Industries.

Cotton clothing, such as t-shirts and shorts, are as popular as ever, while sweatshirts are a sure bet for all seasons. You can also find hoodies with retro logos in various shades.

Whether it's little guys who like the workwear look or teenagers who prefer to go for prints and logos.  Petrol Industries allows them to assert their style and parents love their durability.

Stylish in summer and winter ! It's possible with Petrol Industries !