Suri Frey handbags and wallets


Suri Frey has seduced women with authentic, confident and beautiful fashion bags and wallets that last. Trends change, but Suri Frey handbags stay the same.

At Suri Frey, there are no regulations, no rules, no boredom, just good humor, color and creativity! The handbag is the accessory that accompanies women wherever they go. And to match, why not treat yourself to a matching wallet

A handbag is like a best friend: it's always by your side and never lets you down, whether it's for a trip to the museum or a shopping spree, it's the perfect companion for every occasion.  Its motto: "The world belongs to those who think FREY" handbags to fall in love with!

Large handbags or small Suri Frey shoulder bags, there's plenty of choice on the shelves of our Chaussures Maniet ! Luxus stores.