W6YZ shoes

The W6YZ trainers are the epitome of sporty style, with sparkling details and Italian flair. Energy and colour are two aspects that perfectly reflect the DNA of W6YZ shoes. The colours and design of the different models give each pair of W6YZ trainers a unique personality, with positive energy and an urban style reminiscent of 90s design.

Evolution is the guiding principle behind the W6YZ footwear brand, whose slogan is: "Nothing is set in stone, you have to move towards the future". The W6YZ symbol is a spark. It is represented on each pair of the brand's shoes and also on the sole, so that your imprint becomes the "spark of the future"! W6YZ trainers are made to go with all kinds of outfits. They're the ideal shoes for expressing your personality through your look.

In our Chaussures Maniet! Luxus stores, we offer a wide range of W6YZ trainers for men and women.