Clarks shoes


The first Clarks shoe in 1828, creating a historic English footwear brand aimed at families. While the brand reached its peak in the 1950s, it has continued to thrive for many decades.

At the heart of Clarks' manufacturing process is the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. 

Each shoe begins with a meticulously crafted shoemaker's last carved from hornbeam wood, then undergoes prototyping via 3D printing.

The result ? A highly successful label that is explained by the fundamental principle of prioritizing comfort and well-being in every pair of shoes.

Because men do not consume sandals, sneakers and leather shoes as women do, the brand addresses all tastes and ages. 

The look must be chill, but classy, elegant and above all durable, because men don't spend as much as women. 

Let's say it loud and clear : Clarks breaks all codes !